International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM)

Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 9-10, 2010



Current Trends in Operations Research
Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology  (USA)


Operations Management, Quality Management and Supply Chain Management: An Integrated Approach
Dr. Abdur Rahim, Faculty of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick at Fredericton (Canada)


Accreditation of Engineering Education: Option or Necessity
Dr. Tasneem Pervez, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)


Operations Excellence
Mr. Abdul Muktadir, Managing Director - Incepta Pharmaceuticals (Bangladesh)

ID: 101

Interpretive Structural Modelling for Understanding the Inhibitors of a Telecom Service Supply Chain
V. R. Pramod and D. K. Banwet (India)

ID: 102

Optimal Fuzzy Inventory Policies via Fuzzy Geometric Programming
Kordi (Iran)

ID: 103

Determinants of Supply Management Performance within the Garment Industry in Bangladesh
Mohammad Asif Salam (Canada)

ID: 104

Design of a Direct Gain Passive Solar Heating System
Md. Tanbiruj Jaman and A.N.M. Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh)

ID: 105

Quality Costing: An Efficient Tool for Quality Improvement Measurement
Rathindra Nath De (India)

ID: 106

Contemporary Model for Project Selection in Changing World
Waqar Ahmed Mirza (Pakistan)

ID: 107

Performance Comparison of Domestic Refrigerator using HFC134a and HFC134a/HC Refrigerant Mixture
J. Thavamani, M. Herbert Raj and D. Mohan Lal (India)

ID: 108

A Decision Making Optimization Model for Implementing Biomass Gasification Plant in Tamil Nadu
C. Theophilus Dhyankumar and M. Rajmohan (India)

ID: 109

Biomedical Signal Processing and Applications
Muhammad Ibn Ibrahimy (Malaysia)

ID: 110

Using Linear Programming with Education Cost for Enhancing the Level of Human Resource Efficiency
Aboozar Mehrmanesh, Alireza Hajisotoudeh and Mohammad Ali Bavar (Iran)

ID: 111

A Case Study on Implementation of New MINOMI Type Material Handling System Concept as an Element of Global Manufacturing in a Reputed Automotive Manufacturing Plant
Timir Gandhi and S. M. Bhatt (India)

ID: 112

Development and Optimization Methodology for Implementation of New Body Shop Area in Car Manufacturing Plant -A Case Study
Timir Gandhi and S.M. Bhatt (India)

ID: 113

Understanding Project Complexity from the Perspective of a Project Manager
Sanjeev Sinha, Bimal Kumar, Avril Thomson ( UK) and Saurabh Kumar (India)

ID: 114

A Case Study of Evaluation the Effectiveness of Implementing Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) in Gas Processing Plants of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Methodology
Ali Massaeli and Mona Mirhadi (Iran)

ID: 115

Queuing based Analysis of Inventory Control in a Multi-Level Supply Chain
Maryam Mohajeri, Amir Hossein Enzabati and Mahdi Tarokh (Iran)

ID: 116

Development of an Integrated Method for Analyzing Ergonomic Compliance of a Workstation
I. K. Chopde, P. K. Joshi, Y. M. Puri and Dinesh V Suryawanshi (India)

ID: 117

Industrialization and its Impact on Agriculture: A Case Study on Savar Upozilla, Dhaka, Bangladesh
M. Mazibar Rahman, Shaid Mallick (Bangladesh)

ID: 118

Assessing the Impact of Multi-loop Kanban Systems in a High Volume Fabrication System
Dhesirey Beryl K. Sio and Dennis T. Beng Hui (Philippine)

ID: 120

Prospects of Remanufacturing, Bangladesh Perspective
Md. Rezaul Hasan Shumon, Kazi Arif-Uz-Zaman and Md. Kutub Uddin (Bangladesh)

ID: 121

A Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Economic Lot Scheduling Problem (ELSP)
Farimah Mokhatab Rafiei (Iran)

ID: 122

Selection of Industrial Robots using Compromise Ranking MethodVijay
Manikrao Athawale, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Shankar Chakraborty (India)

ID: 123

Facility Location Selection using PROMETHEE II Method
Vijay Manikrao Athawale and Shankar Chakraborty (India)

ID: 124

A TOPSIS Method-based Approach to Machine Tool Selection
Vijay Manikrao Athawale and Shankar Chakraborty (India)

ID: 125

A Group Decision Making Method for Determining the Importance of Customer Needs Based on Customer- Oriented Approach
Mehdi Rahimdel Meybodi, Azamdokht Safi Samghabadi and Mahdi Bashiri (Iran)

ID: 126

Design of Two Switch Mechanism Concepts for a Surgical Shears Device
Karthik Kollipalli and Birla (India)

ID: 127

Application of ISO – 9001: 2008 in Academic Institutions
Rathindra Nath De (India)

ID: 128

Ranking Alternatives in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Based on a Common-Weight DEA
Chiang Kao (China)

ID: 129

Recognition of Control Chart Patterns using Discriminant Analysis of Shape Features
Monark Bag, Susanta Kumar Gauri and Shankar Chakraborty (India)

ID: 130

Selection of Weapon using Digraph and Matrix Methods
S. Senthil (India)

ID: 132

Managing Material Flow at the US Shipbuilding Industry
MD B. Sarder, Ahad Ali, Susan Ferreira and Mohammad A. Rahman (USA)

ID: 133

Productivity Improvement through Line Balancing in Apparel Industries
Md. Rezaul Hasan Shumon, Kazi Arif-Uz-Zaman and Azizur Rahman (Bangladesh)

ID: 134

Scheduler- Flexible Scheduling Method, Interface with Planning and Production
Kazi Arif-Uz-Zaman and Md. Rezaul Hasan Shumon (Bangladesh)

ID: 136

An Industrial Application of DMECA Approach to Management Process Analysis
Azizur Rahman and Md. Kutub Uddin (Bangladesh)

ID: 137

Surface Texture Investigation in High Speed Flat End Milling Of Ti-6Al-4V
S. Alam, AKM Nurul Amin (Malaysia) and Anayet U. Patwari (Bangladesh)

ID: 138

Investigation of Effect of Chatter Amplitude on Surface Roughness during End Milling of Medium Carbon Steel
A.K.M Nurul Amin, Anayet U. Patwari, M.S. Sharulhazrin and I. Hafizuddin (Malaysia, Bangladesh)

ID: 139

Behavioral Analysis of Hydraulically Driven Fire Fighting Water Monitor Trailer
Prashant S. Kadu and Amit R. Bhende (India)

ID: 140

Investigating the Relation between Ergonomic Risk Factors and Muskuloskeletal Disorder (MSDS) of Computer Operators
Mohammad Iqbal, Salma Akhter and Abdullahil Azem (Bangladesh)

ID: 141

Ensuring Safety, a Great Challenge for Electricity Distribution System
Azizur Rahman and Md. Kutub Uddin and Md. Siful Islam (Bangladesh)

ID: 142

Decision Analysis for Avoiding Disastrous Consequence of Iran’s Nuclear Conflict
M. A. Rashid, A. Kinjo,  T. Nagata  and  S. Tamaki (Japan)

ID: 144

Modularity: Catalyst of Innovation
Farooq Sheikh (USA)

ID: 145

Measuring Organizational Leanness Using Fuzzy Approach
Seyed Mahmod Zanjirchi,Hossein Sayyadi Tooranlo and Leili Zeidabadi Nejad (Iran)

ID: 146

The Effect of Display Type and Video Game Type on Visual Fatigue and Mental Workload
Chih-Long Lin and Mao-Jiun J. Wang (Taiwan)

ID: 148

Management of Supply Chain in Petroleum Corporations in India
Surajit Roy and R. S. Dhalla (India)

ID: 150

A Model for Automatic Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and an Application Database Software
Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes, Nazi Faisal Ahmed Chowdhury and Md. Moin Uddin (Bangladesh)

ID: 151

Educating Future Engineers: An Example
Abu S. M. Masud and Lawrence E. Whitman (USA)

ID: 153

A Market Driven Demand Estimation Model for the Indian Petroleum Industry
Uttiya Bhattacharyya and Rizwan S Dhalla  (India)

ID: 154

Application of Systematic Layout Planning in Hypermarkets
Rajshekhar S Inglay and Rizwan S Dhalla (India)

ID: 155

Reengineering of Logistics Value Chain of a Petroleum Products Marketing Company – Formulation of a Performance Measurement System
Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, R. P. Mohanty and R. S. Dhalla (India)

ID: 156

Performance Appraisal of Public Sector Service Organization
Sandhya Pal (India)

ID: 157

Modification of Spur Gear Using Computational Method-Involutes Profile Being Modify
I. D. Paul and G. P. Bhole (India)

ID: 158

Modelling Choice of Mobile Technology for M-Banking
Saifullah M Dewan and Ahsanullah M Dewan (Australia)

ID: 160

Collaboration as a Strategy for Auto-service Business at Supermarkets
Debabrata Bhattacharjee (India)

ID: 161

Impacts of Common Components in Multistage Production System under Uncertain Conditions
M. A. Wazed, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Nukman Yusoff (Malaysia)

ID: 163

Possibility Programming Application in Analysis of Fuzzy Knapsack Problems.
M. Rad Simson (USA)

ID: 164

Enhancement of Tool Material Machining Characteristics with Cryogenic Treatment: A Review
Rupinder Singh and Kamaljit Singh (India)

ID: 165

Effect of Total Quality Management on Performance of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries
Sudhanshu Bala Singh and R. S. Dhalla  (India)

ID: 166

Automotive ssector: A Country Wise Comparative Analysis: India-Spain-Brazil
Ananth Rangarajan, Miguel Mendia Betelu and André Boaventura Gomide (Canada, India, Spain, Brazil)

ID: 167

BRTS- Bus Rapid Transit System in Pune Modeling, Simulation and Feasibility analysis
Ananth Rangarajan (Canada) and Vishwakarma (India)

ID: 168

A New Balancing Approach in Balanced Score Card by Applying Cooperative Evolutionary Game Theory
M. Jafari-Eskandari, A.R. Aliahmadi, M. Heidari and G. H.H. Khaleghi (Iran)

ID: 169

Translating the Student’s Voice into Teaching Techniques: A Quality Function Deployment Approach
A.M.M. Mukaddes, M. N. Bagum, M. A. Islam, M. A. Bashar and V. Chakrabarty (Bangladesh)

ID: 170

Models for Bed Occupancy Management of a Hospital in Singapore
Arun Kumar and John Mo (Australia)

ID: 172

Envisages of New Product Developments in Small and Medium Enterprises through Virtual Team
Nader Ale Ebrahim, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Zahari Taha (Malaysia)

ID: 173

An Empirical Investigation of Inventory Management Practices of Processed Food Supply Chain in Sri Lanka-Manufacturer’s Perspective: A Case Study
Harishani L. Liyanage (Sri Lanka)

ID: 174

Searching for an Efficient Fouling Index for Reverse Osmosis Desalination: A Statistical Approach
Junya Miyamoto, Kozo Nakamura and Tsuyoshi Nakamura (Japan)

ID: 175

Design and Kaizen of Automated Assembly Production Lines Using 3D Computer Graphics
Masatoshi Kitaoka Toshio Fujita,  Hideki Kumagai, and Hitoshi Takeda (Japan)

ID: 176

Pharmaceutical Care of People in the Community for the Recognition Rate and the Pharmaceutical Service Satisfaction Study
Chang-Hsien Hsu, Ming-Wei Weng, Chi-Yuan Chen and Chun-Ming Yang (Taiwan)

ID: 177

A Robust Optimization Approach for the Milk Run Problem with Time Windows with Inventory Uncertainty
M. Jafari-Eskandari, A.R. Aliahmadi and G.H.H. Khaleghi (Iran)

ID: 178

QMS Positive Impact for SMEs: An Indian Textile Exporter’s Example
K. Sriram (India)

ID: 179

Designing a Quality Control System for Mean Vector and Change Point Diagnosis in Multivariate Normal Process
Shima Mohebbi., Iraj Mahdavi, Zahra Hejazizadeh and Bahram Sadeghpour Gilde,(Iran)

ID: 180

Structural Modeling of a Manufacturing Organization Focusing on Worker Allocation
Tahera Yesmin, Abdullahil Azeem, Farhana Afreen Proma, Najmun Naher, and Nusrat Sarmin (Bangladesh)

ID: 181

Assessment of the Risks for Workers Using FMEA: A Case Study in a Pharmaceutical Industry
M. Ahsan Akhter Hasin, Tahera Yesmin and Farhana Afreen Proma (Bangladesh.)

ID: 182

CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) Through Score Normalization of Voice Biometrics
Muhammad Haris Nisar (Pakistan)

ID: 183

Emerging Trends in e-Manufacturing, Web-enabled Integration and Smart Manufacturing
Ahad Ali and Devdas Shetty (USA)

ID: 184

Measurement of Service Quality of an Automobile Service Centre
Rajnish Katarne, Satyendra Sharma and Jayant Negi (India)

ID: 185

An Empirical Study of Educational Supply Chain Management for the Universities
Md. Mamun Habib and Chamnong Jungthirapanich (Thailand)

ID: 187

An Inventory Model with Linear Demand Rate, Finite Rate of Production with Shortages and Complete Backlogging
Chandan Kumar Sahoo and Shishir Kumar Sahoo (India)

ID: 188

Effectiveness of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in SMEs of Auto Parts Manufacturing
Harvinder Singh Gill (India)

ID: 190

A Framework for Assessing Management Losses from TPM Perspective
Farhana Afreen Proma, Tahera Yesmin and M. Ahsan Akhtar Hasin (Bangladesh)

ID: 191

Measurement of TPM Losses Due To Skill Level Difference of Workers: Case Study of a Pharmaceutical Company
Farhana Afreen Proma, Tahera Yesmin and M. Ahsan Akhtar Hasin (Bangladesh)

ID: 192

Integrated Scheduling of Equipments in a Container Terminal Using Simulation and Analytical Methods
A.S. Pallegedara, A.K. Kulatunga, W.R. Weerasekara Arachchi, and U.S.S. Dharmapriya (Sri Lanka)

ID: 193

Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search Based Hybrid Algorithm for Multi depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Split Delivery
U.S.S. Dharmapriya, S.B. Siyambalapitiya and A.K. Kulatunga (Sri Lanka)

ID: 194

Simultaneous Task Allocation and Motion Coordination Algorithm for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Environment 
A.K. Kulatunga, S.B. Siyambalapitiya and U.S.S. Dharmapriya (Sri Lanka)

ID: 195

Artificial Intelligence Computational Techniques to Optimize a Multi Objective Oriented Distribution Operations
U.S.S. Dharmapriya, S.B. Siyambalapitiya and A.K. Kulatunga (Sri Lanka)

ID: 196

Simulation of an Interdependent Metro-Bus Transit System to Analyze Bus Schedules from Passenger Perspective
Golam Mohammad M. Aurup and Ting Ting Cai (Canada)

ID: 198

An Optimal Rotational Cyclic Policy for a Supply Chain System with Imperfect Matching Inventory and JIT Delivery
Bhaba R. Sarker and Pablo Biswas (USA)

ID: 199

Applying Quality Cost Analysis in Manufacturing of Power Generators
Mohammad. S. Eslamipour (Iran)

ID: 200

Meta Analytic Approach to Compare Competence Indices of an Automobile Company
R Chakrabarty, S K Basu and N. Mazumdar (India)

ID: 201

A Compact FPGA Implementation of Triple-DES Encryption System with IP Core Generation and On-Chip Verification
Prasun Ghosal, Malabika Biswas, and Manish Biswas (India)

ID: 203

Green Supply Chain Management: Critical Research and Practices
L. K. Toke, R. C. Gupta and Milind Dandekar (India)

ID: 204

Optimization Technique-Supply Chain in Reverse Logistics
L. K. Toke, R. C. Gupta and Milind Dandekar (India)

ID: 205

An Inventory Model with Linear Demand Rate, Finite Rate of Production with Shortages and Complete Backlogging
C. K. Sahooa and S.K. Sahooa (India)

ID: 206

Solving Capacitated P-Median Problem by Hybrid K-Means Clustering and Fixed Neighborhood Search algorithm
Rashed Sahraeian, and Payman Kaveh (Iran)

ID: 207

A Decision Support Model for Bank Branch Location Selection
Nihan Cinar and S. Sebnem Ahiska (Turkey)

ID: 208

Design of a Facial Prosthesis
Md. Shafayet Hossain Bhuiya (Canada)

ID: 209

Minimizing Makespan in Flowshops with Bounded Processing Times
Ali Allahverdi and Harun Aydilek (Kuwait)

ID: 211

Reliability Modeling of a Manufacturing Cell Operated Under Degraded Mode
Mehmet Savsar (Kuwait)

ID: 212

Modeling and Analysis of Fire Center Locations in a City to Minimize Response Time
Mehmet Savsar (Kuwait)

ID: 213

TQM for Bangladesh Power Generating Sector
Azizur Rahman, Md. Rezaul Hasan Shumon and Kazi Arif Uz Zaman (Bangladesh)

ID: 214

The Rationale of Lean and TPM
Mohammad R. Arashpour, Mohammad R. Enaghani and Roy Andersson (Sweden)

ID: 215

Connectivity Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Fuzzy Based Semi-Distributed Approach
Jishan Mehedi and M.K. Naskar (India)

ID: 217

Layered OSGi-based Reconfigurable Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol
Aniruddha Bhattacharjya and Rajat Kumar Pal (India)

ID: 218

A Fuzzy Cost-based FMEA Model
Afshin Jamshidi and Reza Baradaran Kazemzadeh (Iran)

ID: 219

Complexity Level in Industrial Firms: Case Studies Implementation
Ibrahim H. Garbie and Ashraf Shikdar (Oman)

ID: 220

Point Process Based Maintenance Modeling for Repairable Systems: A Review
V. Md. S. Hussain and V. N. A. Naikan (India )

ID: 221

Minimizing Total Completion Time in Flowshops with BoundedProcessing Times
Harun Aydilek and Ali Allahverdi (Kuwait)

ID: 222

Evaluation of the Current Maintenance System and Maintenance Management System in KIMIA Co
Ghasem Ebadi and Chlor (Iran)

ID: 223

Modelling Cost of Maintenance Contract for Rail Infrastructure
Anisur Rahman and Gopinath Chattopadhyay (Australia)

ID: 224

Energy Consumption, Energy Savings and Emission Analysis for Industrial Motors
R. Saidur, M. Hasanuzzaman and N. A. Rahim (Malaysia)

ID: 225

Development of a Web based Education Module for Verilog HDL
Rifat Shima, and Liakot Ali (Bangladesh)

ID: 226

Simulation Based Decision Support System (SBDSS) for the Vehicles Repair and Maintenance in Dynamic Business Environment
Arshed Mehmood (Pakistan) and Mirza Jahanzaib  (Saudi Arabia)

ID: 227

Employee Attrition in Engineering Firms: Case Study of DCIPS Pvt. Ltd, India
Sharmistha Banerjee (India)

ID: 228

Grounded Linguistic Symbols and WordNet Ontologies
Samir K. Borgohain and Shivashankar B. Nair (India)

ID: 229

A Pair of Large-incidence-angle Cylinders in Cross-Flow with the Upstream One Subjected to a Transverse Harmonic Oscillation
Mir M. A. Hayder (Canada)

ID: 230

Intermittent Demand Forecast and Inventory Reduction Using Bayesian ARIMA Approach
Mohammad Anwar Rahman, Bhaba R. Sarker and Farhana Rahman (USA)

ID: 231

A New Organizational Structure for the Managing Production Process by Focusing on the Maintenance and Process 
Ghasem Ebadi and Chlor  (Iran)

ID: 232

Advanced Design for Robot in Mars Exploration
P. Arun Kumar, M. Prabhakaran, B.Prakash, P. Pradeep and G. Gopu (India)

ID: 233

An Integrated Supply Chain Model for the Supply Uncertainty Problem
S. Mehdi Sajadifar and Behrooz Pourghannad (Iran)

ID: 234

Secure Mobile Payment System in e-Commerce
Md. Khaled Hossain Ansary and Liakot Ali (Bangladesh)

ID: 235

Model for Forecasting Passenger of Airport
Farzane Ahmadzade (Iran)

ID: 236

A 1-V LNA for UWB Applications in 90 nm CMOS Technology
Santosh K. Gupta and Anirban Das (India)

ID: 237

Development of a Mobile Agent for Modern e-shopping
Md. Ashik Ali Khan and Md. Liakot Ali (Bangladesh)

ID: 238

Corner Effects in SOI Vs Bulk Tri gate FinFETs using 3D device simulation
Santosh K. Gupta and Pavan K. Manchi (India)

ID: 239

Global Outsourcing Strategy: Product Development Perspective
A.H.M. Shamsuzzoha, A.B.M. Abdul Malek and M. Iqbal (Bangladesh)

ID: 240

Cost and Return Analysis of Tea Industry - A case Study on Dauracherra and New Samanbagh Tea Estate
M. M. Nazrul Islam and Prodeep Kumar Paul (Bangladesh)

ID: 241

Optimal Production Run Length for Products Sold with Warranty in a Deteriorating Production System with a Time Varying Defective Rate under Allowable Shortages
Abdur Rahim (Canada) and Mohammed Fareeduddin (Saudi Arabia)

ID: 242

A Tabu Search Algorithm for Determining the Economic Design Parameters of an Integrated Production Planning, Quality Control and Preventive Maintenance Policy
Abdur Rahim (Canada) and Muhammad Shakil (Saudi Arabia)

ID: 243

Analyzing and Evaluation of Quality Management System in Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (BIPC)
Eskandar Soheilpour (Iran)

ID: 244

Tradeoffs among Paradigms in Supply Chain Management
V. Cruz Machado and Susana Duarte (Portugal )

ID: 245

Stochastic Investment Decision Making with Dynamic Programming
Md. Noor-E-Alam and John Doucette (Canada)

ID: 246

Application of the Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving Methodology in Law Enforcement: A Case Study at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
Michelle V. Mancenido, Ana Camille D. Lopez, Irish Faith Maravillas and Trisha Marie Panes (Philippines)

ID: 247

Demand Based Pricing Model for Outsourced Software Application Maintenance
Jagadish Kundu and Abhik Mukherjee (India)

ID: 248

Leveraging Web 2.0 for Increasing Competitiveness of Offshore-Driven IT Industry
Jagadish Kundu and Abhik Mukherjee (India)

ID: 249

Crashing Project Time by Linear Programming: A Case Study
Mohammad Anamul Haque and Nafis Ahmad (Bangladesh)

ID: 250

Design of On-Board Weighing System for Effective Supply Chain Management
P.Suresh, R.Kesavan, K.Gunasekaran and R.Thanigaivelan (India.)

ID: 251

Open Loop Supply Chain Model for the Automotive Industry Using Hybrid K-Means GA with SA
P. Suresh and R. Kesavan (India)

ID: 252

Re-balancing of Generalized Assembly Lines – Searching Optimal Solutions for SALBP
Chowdury Md. Luthfur Rahman (Canada)

ID: 253

Simulation Modelling of ‘PHN (public health nurse) – Dyad (a pair of new born baby and mother)’ Postpartum Home Visiting System
Chowdury Md. Luthfur Rahman, Paul Rogers and S.T. Enns (Canada)

ID: 254

Ranking of Bangladeshi Coals Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
M. Shamsuzzaman, F. Dweiri (UAE) and A.M.M. Sharif Ullah (Japan)

ID: 255

A MIMIC Model Approach for Viewers’ Response Analysis of Mass Entertainment Television Channels
R. Chakrabarty and Mahuya Chakrabarti (India)

ID: 256

The Relationship between Project Management and E-Collaboration
Marjan Mohammad Jafari, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Siti Zawiah Md Dawal (Malaysia)

ID: 257

Minimizing Makespan for a Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling Problem in a Paint Industry
Sandipan Karmakar and Biswajit Mahanty (India)

ID: 258

Production Planning using Simulation Approach verses Hybrid Approach: A Case Study
M. M. Hossain, M. D. Byrne, K. M. A. Haque, M. A. Islam and M. A. A. Zunaid (Bangladesh)

ID: 259

Reliability Assessment of Used Components in Consumer Electronics Products
K. ArunVasantha Geethan, S. Jose and P. Devabalan (India)

ID: 260

Applications of Data Mining Techniques in Customer Churn Prediction
Sahand KhakAbi, Mohammad R. Gholamian and Morteza Namvar (Iran)

ID: 261

Design and Manufacturing of a Stair Climbing Vehicle
Md A Hossain, Nafis A. Chowdhury, Rubaiat I. Linda and Shamiuzzaman Akhtar (Bangladesh)

ID: 263

On Developing an Adaptive Gage R&R Evaluation Model of Measurement System
Jr Jung Lyu and Ming-Hsien Hsu (Taiwan)

ID: 264

A Stochastic Multi-Product, Multi-Stage Supply Chain Design Considering Products Waiting Time in the Queue
 Rashed Sahraeian, Mahdi Bashiri and Majid Ramezani, (Iran)

ID: 265

Supplier Evaluation Using Loss Function and AHP
Hamid Reza Sadeghian and Ehsan Karami (Iran)

ID: 266

Challenges in Sustainable Manufacturing
Arun N. Nambiar (USA)

ID: 267

A Hybrid Data Mining Model for Intelligent Customer Segmentation: The Case of Banking Industry
Morteza Namvar, Mohammad Reza Gholamian and Sahand KhakAbi (Iran)

ID: 268

Comparative Study between Mixed Model Assembly Line and Flexible Assembly Line Based On Cost Minimization Approach
F.A. Rajput, Z. Othman, and A. Suhail (Malaysia)

ID: 269

Acquiring a Knowledge Base of Continuous Processes through a Distributed System
Sérgio L. S. Severo, Adriano C. Vieira and André A. P. Lerm (Brazil)

ID: 270

Application of RFID in Supply Chain System
Mohammad Anwar Rahman (USA), Mohammad Miftaur Khadem (Oman) and MD Sarder (USA)

ID: 271

Feasibility of Hydrogen Production from Micro Hydropower Projects in Nepal
M. S. Zaman, and A. B. Chhetri and M. S. Tango (Canada)

ID: 272

Smart Driving: A New Approach to Meeting Driver Needs
A. B. M. Shawkat Ali, (Australia), M. Ameer Ali, (Bangladesh), G. M. Shafiullah, (Australia) and Colin Cole (Australia)

ID: 273

Demand Planning Methodology in Supply Chain Management
Nazia Sultana and Sadia Rahman Shathi (Bangladesh)

ID: 274

Hazard Based Inspection-Repair Policy for Safety Systems
A.B.M. Zohrul Kabir (Bangladesh)

ID: 275

Supply Chain Risk Management in Aerospace Industry from System Dynamics perspective
Abhijeet Ghadge, Samir Dani and  Roy Kkalawsky (UK)

ID: 276

Process Capability Analysis of a Centrifugal Casting Process
S. C. Mondal, J. Maiti and P. K. Ray (India)

ID: 277

Application of Integer Linear Programming Model for Vendor Selection in a Two Stage Supply Chain
A. John Rajan, K.Ganesh and K.V.Narayanan (India)

ID: 278

Procurement Management Challenges in Gas Projects of Iran
Mohammad Vafaiee, Mohammad Saleh Owlia, Mohammad Ali Vahdat and Mohsen Vafaiee (Iran)

ID: 279

Application of Integer Linear Programming Model in Vendor Selection
A. John Rajan, K. Ganesh and K.V. Narayanan (India)

ID: 280

Preventive Maintenance Optimization of Critical Equipments in Process Plant using Heuristic Algorithms
M.L Mahadevan, S. Poorana Kumar, R. Vinodh and  T. Paul Robert (India)

ID: 281

Application of a Plug-and-play Guidance Module for Hospital Robots
M.K. Hasan, A.S.M. Hoque and Tamas Szecsi (Ireland)

ID: 282

FFT Based Spectrum Analysis of Three Phase Signals in Park (d-q) Plane
Anuradha Guha, Surajit Chattopadhay and Samarjit Sengupta ( India)

ID: 283

Development of Interactive CAD Teaching System
W. Xu, (UK)

ID: 285

Shippers-Providers Perception of Third-Party Logistics Services – An Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis
Shams Rahman (Australia) and Willem Selen (United Arab Emirates)

ID: 287

Operating Point Optimization of a Poly-phase Asynchronous Machine for Energy Saving
Pinaki Chakraborty, and Surajit Chattopadhyay and Samarjit Sengupta (India)

ID: 288

Signal Assessment of a Current Transformer Used in Load Demand of Variable Active and Reactive Power Ratio
Subhasis Kundu, and Surajit Chattopadhay and Samarjit Sengupta (India)

ID: 289

OR Modeling and Public Policies in Bangladesh: Implementation Challenges
Shams Rahman (Australia)


Kanban Supplier System as a Standardization Method and WIP Reduction
Ahad Ali (USA), Mohammad Khadem (Oman) and Neriliz Santini  (USA)

ID: 292

Fuzzy Clustering for Initialization of Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Solve a Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi, Soheil Davari and Ahmad Hemmati (Iran)

ID: 294

A Granular Computing Approach to Decision Analysis using Rough Set Theory
Iftikhar U. Sikder (USA)

ID: 295

Analysis of Potential Wind and Solar Energy at Selected Airport Locations in Canada
Quazi K. Hassan (Canada) and Ahad Ali (USA)

ID: 296

The Application of Occupational Safety and Health Management in Train Workshop “Balai Yasa” PT Kereta Api (Persero) Yogyakarta
Widodo Hariyono (Indonesia)

ID: 299

Productivity Assessment and Its Improvement Strategies for a Ceramic Industry – A Case Study
Mohammad Iqbal, Abul Fazal Md. Salahuddin, Salma Akhter and Nasrin Jahan (Bangladesh)

ID: 300

Method and Algorithm for Solving the Bicriterion Network Problem
Hossain M. Akter (Bulgaria )

ID: 301

Developing an Information Model for Supply Chain Information Flow and its Management
A. M. M.  Mukaddes, C. A. A. Rashed, A. B. M. A. Malek, M. J. Kaiser and S.M. S. Alam (Bangladesh)


Recognition of Control Chart Patterns using Discriminant Analysis of Shape Features
Monark Bag, Susanta Kumar Gauri and Shankar Chakraborty ( India)

ID: 303

Superplastic Behavior of Al5083 Alloy during Microforming Process
M.A.M. Hossain, K.Y. Park and S.T. Hong (Korea )

ID: 304

Six Sigma based Control Chart for the Number of Defectives
R. Radhakrishnan and P. Balamurugan (India)

ID: 305

Construction and Selection of Tightened-Normal-Tightened Schemes of Type TNT-(n1, n2; c) indexed through Six Sigma Quality Levels
R. Radhakrishnan and P.K. Sivakumaran (India)

ID: 306

Dynamic Analysis of Petrochemical Project Progress: A System Dynamics Approach
Mashayekhi Ali N., Mazaher Tahmasb and Yousefi Fatemeh (Iran)

ID: 307

Optimal Solution for Multi-Objective Facility Layout Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
S. Jannat, A.A. Khaled and Sanjoy Kumar Paul (Bangladesh)

ID: 308

Performance Analysis of Coal fired Power Plants in India
Santosh K Behera, Ambika P Dash and Jamal A Farooquie (India)

ID: 309

A Quality Function Deployment Approach for Improving Quality of Yarn: A Case Study
S. Jannat, A.K.M. Maud and M.A. Habib (Bangladesh)

ID: 310

Reliability Modeling of a Manufacturing Cell Operated under Degraded Mode
Mehmet Savsar (Kuwait)

ID: 311

Decision Analysis in Sector Selection: A Case Study of a Development Organization 
 Sudipa Sarker (Bangladesh)

ID: 312

Heuristic Solution of Multi Item Dynamic Lot-Sizing: A Case Study
 Sultana Parveen and Hafiz Ullah (Bangladesh)

ID: 314

Optimal Replenishment Policy under Supplier-Retailer’s Partial Credit Financing In a Supply Chain
Chandra K. Jaggi and Mona Verma (India.)

ID: 315

Literature Review and Future Directions in SCM Research
Zaheed Halim (Bangladesh)

ID: 316

New Insights into Industrial Leadership Assessment and Development: Assessment, Antecedents, and Development
Chaudhary Imran Sarwar ( Pakistan)

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